My Year in Travel | 2019

2019 was a year that brought with it so many beautiful memories. I spent one third of the year travelling to over 15 different countries, 40 different cities and got to spend it all with the people I love.

The year started off with a trip to see my brother and his wonderful family in Adelaide before road tripping Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and Canberra with my mum. The year then saw me and my partner venturing off to Europe where we were eventually joined by my brother and his partner in Luxembourg before spending five days camping at Tomorrowland.

In between the big adventures there were romantic getaways to Sydney and many wonderful trips home (Gold Coast). To finish a wonderful year I also won an Instagram competition which allowed me the opportunity to send my parents to Rome (thank you City Wonders Tours!).

Here is my top highlights from 2019.

Top Five Highlights

1 – Wine Tour in Bordeaux

2 – Flying my parents to Europe (touchdown Rome)

3 – Riding camels through the gates of the Sahara Desert

4 – Road trip along Great Ocean Road

5 – Exploring South Tyrol

Top Five Countries

1 – France

A country of beautiful cities, towns and the smell of fresh coffee and croissants floating in the air, what is not to love? This trip we got to experience more of France and although Paris will forever be one of my favourite cities, if you’re heading to France make sure you check out some of the smaller town like Strasbourg or Colmar, they are a true fairy tale.

2 – Portugal

I was never sure on Portugal, but when we were making our way down to Morocco from France it seemed silly not to check it out. From the gorgeous architecture, beautiful ocean views and the home of Portuguese Tarts it was hard not to fall in love.

3 – Morocco

By far one of my favourite and most challenging travel experiences to date. A simply stunning country settled in the Northern part of Africa. From scouring the souks to riding camels in the Sahara Desert it is a country of diverse beauty and one I would recommend seeing.

4 – Italy

I have always been a fan of Italy, with so much history, delicious food and wine it is hard not to want to stay. This time round saw me spending it with both my family and with my partner making it such a special trip. From drinking wine and shopping in Milan, to climbing mountains in South Tyrol, to eating gelato and marvelling at the Colosseum in Rome it is a country that simply is a European Holiday.

5 – Romania

Romania started as an idea just to see Dracula’s Castle but we simply fell in love with the place. Although not somewhere you would generally travel to on you first trip to Europe, it is definitely somewhere to check out if you have the time and can fit it into your schedule.

Top Five Cities

1 – Porto, Portugal

Nestled in the Northern part of Portugal is the beautiful city of Porto, by far one of the most vibrant and wonderful places I have been to in my years of travelling. If you are heading to Europe you simply must put Porto on your bucket list and be sure to try the delicious port wine for which they are famous for.

2 – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

A fairy tale town located in the heart of the Czech Republic, although you can day trip here from Prague we decided to stay a few nights in this hauntingly beautiful town. It is a great place to relax and unwind after a whirlwind couple of weeks of none stop adventures. My favourite part of the stay was being able to hire a raft and spend the day sailing down the river, stopping at the bars and picking up random strangers along the way.

3 – Budapest, Hungary

Although our trip to Budapest had a bit of a rough start (thank you six hour delayed flight!) we had a wonderful time here, exploring the Ruin Bars, wondering the Jewish Quarter and drinking wine while watching the sunset over the city. Still one of the most beautiful cities I have been to.

4 – Paris, France

Paris will always be high on my list of favourite cities. This year it was even more special as I got to visit twice, the first time being a romantic getaway with my partner and the second time with my family. To top it off I got to see my brother and best friend get engaged here. Paris will forever hold a special place in my heart.

5 – South Tyrol, Italy

South Tyrol is somewhere you can spend endless days exploring. We set up in a small town where we were lucky enough to find accommodation that included a transport pass for the area. This allowed us to see more than expected of this beautiful part of Europe.

All up it was a wonderful year and I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings!

Let me know what your 2019 travel memories in the comments below!

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