Travel Diary: A road trip with my mum

I am not going to lie, coming from a big, close family I have found living away from home to be rather difficult. My weekends no longer consist of family lunches, laughs and conversations. It is for this reason, instead of buying my mother a gift for mothers day I decided to fly her to Adelaide to spend Easter with my brother and his family before venturing off on a road trip across Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and up through to my new home, Canberra.

Here is what we got up to;

Day One:

After spending a few days with my brother and his family in Adelaide, we packed up the car and were on the road, bound for Port Fairy, a small seaside town at the edge of the famous Great Ocean Road. Being a short drive we decided to take a more scenic route and stop by Loch Iel, one of South Australia’s famous Pink Lakes. For those of you who don’t know, a pink lake happens when there is a presence of Halobacteria and a type of algae known as Dunaliella salina, which thrive in more salty environments. These bacteria and algae cause the lake to become pink. Lake Iel is half way between Adelaide and Port Fairy making it the perfect first stop on our road trip adventure.

After a short stop at Loch Iel we returned to the car and set for Port Fairy.

Day Two:

Waking up in Port Fairy we made our way down to the Main Street for a coffee before setting off to see the famous Port Fairy Lighthouse located on Griffith Island. You will not be able to drive to the lighthouse, but there is parking just off the island and the walk is beautiful. As we had an early start to the morning we we’re next not to the only people on the island, making the morning even more magical.

After returning the car we stopped to get petrol and road trip snacks before departing to drive along the famous Great Ocean Road: a beautiful stretch of road which runs from just outside of Port Fairy to Torquay, Victoria. This coastal drive has many locations where you can stop for a while including, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge and the more famous 12 Apostles. Although still names the 12 Apostles, there are only 9 left standing, the others, due to the harsh water conditions were claimed by the sea.

After departing the Great Ocean Road it was off to Melbourne! The land of culture, cafes and shopping.

Day Three:

Waking up in Melbourne we decided to venture off to Brighton Beach to enjoy a day of sun, surf and sand as the rest of the trip was forecasted for rain. Brighton beach is home to the famous Brighton Bathing Boxes, little boutiques and some of Melbournes best brunch spots. Being only a short train ride out of the city (using your Myki Card) it is a wonderful place to visit from Melbourne CBD. A Myki card can be picked up from most convenience stores around Melbourne CBD.

Day Four

Day four started off with a coffee from a popular coffee shop, Market Lane, known for its delicious blends and easy takeaway atmosphere. After coffee it was time for a short stroll around the famous Melbourne Market before venturing off to Melbourne Zoo. As my mother is an animal lover and the zoo is only a short tram ride out of the city it seemed silly not to take a trip to the zoo. As Melbourne Zoo is only relatively small, if you don’t have kids you won’t need more than half a day here. Make sure to check out the famous butterfly sanctuary and take a walk with the lemurs. By the time we ventured back it was time for some Japanese food and an early night in. Melbourne is a city of culture, making it easy to pick up delicious international’s cuisine.

Day Five

Day five took us around the Melbourne Street Art Scene before an evening of shopping in the famous Melbourne Shopping District and of course this was accompanied by more coffee, this time from another local favourite, Brother Baba Budan. After a day filled with shopping and culture we decided to check out Melbournes Chinatown before grabbing a bite to eat at one of their delicious restaurants.

Day Six

Today we said goodbye to Melbourne and set off on the seven hour drive to Canberra. We spent the early morning having coffee and breakfast at Cafe Victoria before picking up some fresh flowers at the flower market as this was the last leg of the road trip before showing mum around the place I now call home, Canberra. By the time we reach Canberra it was just in time to have some take out and watch the sunset.


The last few days of the road trip was a mix between having to be back at work and showing my mum around Canberra. We visited some of Canberra well known cafes before venturing off to some of the popular tourist spots, including; Parliament House, Australia War Memorial and Lake Burley Griffin. We had sunset picnics at the National Arboretum and spend some much needed quality time at home.

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