Your weekend guide to Queanbeyan – Palerang Region

Over the past few months I have been getting more and more restless for adventures, my life for the past three years has been nothing but road trips, wineries and endless adventures. However, over the past few months and since the beginning of the pandemic, I like most of you have found myself being forced to slow down, unwind and spend more time inside. Now that quarantine is over and we can travel further from our homes I have been looking for places in and around Canberra to spend my weekends, which lead me to finding my treasure in the beautiful Queanbeyan-Palerang region.

The Queanbeyan-Palerang region begins the second you leave the ACT border and find yourself in Queanbeyan, from hear the region extends for hours and is filled with beautiful scenery, wonderful wineries and endless awe moments.

On this weekend getaway I found myself exploring the quaint little towns of Braidwood and Bungendore, shopping through antique stores while I sip coffee and dream of all the new things I can purchase for my home that I now spend far too much time in.


The biggest drawcard for visitors to Bungendore is undeniably the food, wineries and antique stores. Start your day off but grabbing a coffee at ‘The Gathering’ in Bungendore before venturing into Manon & Moss, Village Antiques and Retro Records. Have lunch at a local winery, Lark Hill is notorious for delicious food and wine, while Contentious Character has a charming atmosphere and Whitty wines. Finish your day by picking up some local produce and having a picnic in the gardens of Old Stone House before hitting the sack at one of there cute and cosy rooms.


Start your morning in Bungendore with a sleep in before heading off to the charming town of Braidwood. Braidwood is best known for their charming gardens, fresh local produce and quirky cafes. Start your morning with a coffee from Deadwood before heading to the Braidwood bakery for a delicious homemade pastry. Window browse some of the boutique fashion stores before picking up some local produce at Provisions Deli for a picnic on the way back home. I stopped by Googong old sheep shed for a picturesque sunset picnic before heading home.

For more information on the Treasure Trail, please visit

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