Staycation! How to plan the perfect #staycation

One of my goals this year was to reduce my carbon footprint and explore a little bit closer to home. With COVID-19 restrictions in place making it next to impossible to go further than down the road I figured now would be the best time to plan a staycation!

Staycations are great for when you don’t have a lot of time and money to go away for a holiday but find yourself needing to get away from everyday life. Planning a staycation can be difficult if your truly want to get away from your everyday distractions so here is my guide to planning the perfect staycation;

Treat your staycation like a holiday.

Pack your bags, put on do not disturb and treat your staycation like the holiday you know you deserve. By treating your stay cation like a holiday it sets the intention that you won’t be looking at your phone, answering work emails or setting any social commitments for the weekend. Once you have set the date for your staycation I suggest putting in you calendar and start researching local activities, new restaurants and write yourself up an itinerary.

Book a Hotel Room

Sometimes in order to completely unwind you need to get out of the house! Booking a hotel room or swanky Air BnB might be just the thing to help you truly disconnect from reality. Due to COVID-19 government restrictions on travel, a lot of luxury hotels have been offering local only deals and packages personalised to your staycation goals.

Try a new restaurant

You don’t have to travel the world to try international cuisine, why not try booking yourself into that new French restaurant that just opened up or the Japanese Ramen store you’ve been dying to try but never find the time.

Explore the outdoors

How often do you spend your weekends inside the house, possibly doing something mundane like cleaning or cooking. Why not see your city from a new point of view and hog for a hike with a nice view. You could also try something more simple, pack a picnic, hop on a rental bike and go for a relaxing picnic in the park.

Be a tourist

Everyone you speak to will all say the same thing, they never take the time to explore their own city.

Change that, book yourself a group tour, meet new people and explore some of the historical landmarks and monuments that tourists flock to see every year.

Book an experience

There is not better feeling than trying a new experience for the first time. Do you remember the feeling of the first time you went horse riding, paragliding or on a hot air balloon? Well why not give yourself that kind of experience from your own city?

Have a treat yourself moment

Whether it be booking a spa treatment or having a room service with a bottle of wine, nothing says staycation more than a treat yourself moment.

Watch the sunset

How often do you watch the sunset in your own city? Find a nice picnic spot with a sweeping view of the city and watch the sunset.

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