A dog friendly guide to Canberra

Having a dog is the best thing in the world but they do come with their disadvantages when it comes to planning a weekend, not many places in Australia allow you to have your best friend with you. Canberra is a surprisingly dog friendly city with plenty of places to take your beloved pup. Here is my guide to a dog friendly Canberra.

Coffee at Bean & Table

There are a handful of cafes in Canberra that are dog friendly but my favourite is definitely Bean & Table. Located right on Kingston Foreshore with an array of outdoor seating this cafe offers both delicious coffee and a place for you to sit with your pooch. Other cafes in Canberra which are dog friendly include, The Pedlar & Teddy Pickers, Capital Brewing Co (not a cafe but a good lunch spot), Double Shot Deakin & The Cupping Room.

Picnic at Lennox Garden

Lennox gardens is one of my favourite parks in Canberra, nestled right on Lake Burley Griffin with wonderful views of Telstra Tower it is the perfect place to pack a picnic (and some sausages for the pooch) set up a picnic blanket and cook a bbq.

Rent a GoBoat

You can rent a GoBoat from Kingston Foreshore, duration can be as little as an hour or up to three hours. With Bean & Table being right next door you can have breakfast and hope on a GoBoat, making it the perfect day out in Canberra. Nala absolutely loved the pup-venture on the high seas, I mean just look at that face.

Nara Peace Park

A short walk from Lennox Gardens, Nara peace park boasts beautiful Japanese architecture inspired by Canberra’s sister cit, Nara, Japan. Your and your doggo will love walking through the archways, Cherry Blossoms and beautiful gardens.

Cherry Blossoms

As this is my pups first spring, I did not realise how much she loves flowers until we visited the Cherry Blossoms at National Arboretum. Since then I have taken her on a Cherry Blossom tour of Canberra and she has become one happy pup.

Watch the sunset at National Arboretum

The National Arboretum boasts panoramic views of Canberra and is a wonderful place to watch the sunset. Bring your dog, pack a picnic or order Uber Eats and watch as the city comes to life.

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