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My name is Michelle and I am the photographer, story teller and content creator behind Travels with Michelle. The purpose of this blog is to inspire lost souls to travel, experience meaningful life-changing experiences and to live outside of their comfort zone.

Travels with Michelle is not your typical female travel blog… Whilst I will give my tips on destinations I also share tips of travel photography, couple travel and my personal stories from abroad.

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Travels with Michelle has a reach of over 13,000 dedicated and engaged souls who are young and keen to explore the best destinations and experiences both locally and around the world.

I work with brands to create digital and print content, partner on social media projects and promotions, blog collaborations, in-person workshops, and more. Shoot me an email, I would love to help your brand achieve greatness!

My story

My story begins in the spring of 1993 in Launceston, Tasmania. I was born to two loving parents and two older brothers. My parents had never travelled, their honeymoon was to the Gold Coast where we would move when I was 12 years old. I didn’t grow up travelling or hearing of whirl wind adventures from around the world. My first plane ride was to the Gold Coast when I was 5 and my parents had begun to consider the move.

Fast forward to 12, we moved to the Gold Coast. I was a rather shy person so making friends was difficult for me. I would spend my early teenager years mostly by myself, I would become quite overweight and spend a lot of my time emerged in books.

At the age of 15 my family would take there first overseas holiday to Bali with a group of family friends, this is where my love for travel first started. Instagram was not around at this point so I was not exposed to this new world of travelling and until this point it had never occurred to me that people travel around the world.

It would not be until my first year of university, not long after the invention of instagram that I would begin my desire to travel. Between full time study and working anywhere 60 hours a week I would spend my time day dreaming of travelling to far away places. At this point in my life I had already begun to change, I had lost 25 kilos which gave me a new confidence I had never had and I had my first boyfriend but something was missing.

By 2019 I was itching for another long adventure, so not for the first time I quit my job, packed my bags and took off to Europe again, this time with the company of my partner. Half way through the trip we were going by my brother and his partner and as I had won a trip to Europe through City Wonders Tours I gave this to my parents to join us at the end of the trip. This being the first overseas adventure since the Bali trip they had finally begun to understand why I like to travel so much.

Since our return I have been working as a wedding coordinator which I love, I spend my free time exploring Canberra, working for local tourism agencies and frequently visiting the Gold Coast.

Fast forward to 2016, I was still in my first relationship which had become increasingly more toxic so the desire to travel grew more, I simply wanted to get away, find a life for myself. I took my first trip to American and spent two weeks travelling around California, it was incredible. Being able to see these places I had only dreamed of stirred something in my I didn’t know existed.

For the next 12 months I begun to save like crazy, I was already working three jobs at this point and was coming to the end of my university degree to which I would graduate in December 2016. I spent a couple more months saving and finally took the plunge. Within a month I had quit my jobs, ended my toxic relationship and booked a flight to London.

For a family of non-travellers the thought of travelling around Europe for four months by myself seemed crazy but I knew it was something I had to do. I was lost, I spent most of my time unhappy. I banked everything on this trip, I needed it to be life-changing and oh how it was. The sad, lost girl became a thing of the past, I made friendships to last a life time and moved states to be with a guy I met while travelling.

By the end of 2017 I had moved to Canberra, Australia and begun continued on my career as an Event Manager to which I spent 18 months juggling work, travel and trying to inspire girls like me to travel.

β€œOf all the books in the world. The best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”